Global Travel Electronic SIM

Whether travelling for business or leisure, iXplore Africa Travel (Pty) Ltd offers global roaming Electronic SIM designed for travelers. E-SIM offers the benefit of the best local networks globally with the convenience and simplicity of seamless connectivity across borders.

No need to travel with an external Wi-Fi device.
Upload your social media content whenever you like.
Always connected no need to worry about being offline when you leave the hotel (unlimited connectivity)
Free local incoming calls
Free local calls
New physical SIM card not required (unless your phone is an old model and not compatible)

LEVEL 1 PACKAGE – 5 days – R 384 / USD 21 (incl VAT) 
LEVEL 2 PACKAGE – 10 days – R 494 / USD 27 (incl VAT)  
LEVEL 3 PACKAGE – 15 days – R 604 / USD 33 (incl VAT) 
LEVEL 4 PACKAGE – 30 days – R 824 / USD 44  (incl VAT)

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